Would you like to get involved in cybersecurity? Take the test and discover your ideal job!

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This week we began the celebration of the first ever Antimalware Day, a global ESET initiative to reinforce the importance of protection against computer threats. Why did we choose November 3 as the date to establish it? Because on that day, in 1983, Dr. Fred Cohen created one of the first computer viruses as we now know them today, and inspired his professor, Prof. Leonard Adleman, to coin the term for the first time.

Fred Cohen’s experiments proved that viruses could replicate quickly in and to other systems, and also that it was necessary to develop multiple layered computer defense techniques against them. From that moment, the search for countermeasures to protect the systems was born and it became clear that we must work to improve them continuously.

This search for a safer technological environment is the same one that, some years later, inspired ESET to develop its solutions, with the aim that users can enjoy safer technology. Today we celebrate Antimalware Day hoping that more and more people will join this search and contribute to achieve a more secure environment.

Being one step ahead of cybercriminals is a 24/7 job, 365 days a year, and no one can do it alone. Apart from us, there are many experts, specialists, researchers, analysts, hackers, even executives and government officials who work to make our digital world safer. Of course, we always need more hands and we are facing a scarcity of professionals in cybersecurity, but we know it is only a matter of time until more people decide to join this mission.

Today we want to suggest that maybe you can try it. If you are interested in our content and you see yourself often taking precautions to protect yourself, teaching your friends to do so or being curious about the behavior of computer threats, maybe it’s time you consider getting involved in cybersecurity. Of course, there are different profiles in this area and not everyone enjoys the same activities.

So we have prepared a quiz to help you discover what your ideal job would be in the field of cybersecurity — according to your abilities and interests. Your contribution is more necessary and valuable than you think: so take the test and be a part of the antimalware celebration!

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