With Trumps election and arguments over neo-Nazi websites, the tech industry consensus against inte (Becky Peterson/Business Insider: Tech)

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Matthew Prince isn’t shying away from the internet censorship debate.

That was clear this week when the CEO of Cloudflare hosted the third
annual Internet Summit at his company’s San Francisco headquarters.
Instead of just concentrating on technology or business issues, several
of the sessions at the conference focused on the philosophical concern
with which the tech industry has been wrestling lately — how and when the
internet should be regulated.

Oh those neo-Nazis

In late August, Prince made the decision to drop The Daily Stormer as a
Cloudflare customer, essentially exposing the neo-Nazi website to hacker
attacks. The move followed a wave of scrutiny and condemnation of The
Daily Stormer concerning its coverage of a white-supremacist
demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia.  …