Why Edward Snowden Thinks Cyber Warfare Is About To Kill The U.S. | Neon Nettle

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NSA whistle-blower says America has the most to lose

 on&nbsp16th January 2015 @ 12.30pm

edward snowden is trying the highlight the futility of america s need to control the internet © Twitter

Edward Snowden is trying the highlight the futility of America’s need to control the internet.

Former NSA employee and on the run whistleblower Edward Snowden has made some interesting remarks recently in an interview with PBS’ NOVA. Snowden was trying the highlight the futility of America’s need to control the internet, and that it is “misguided” and will ultimately do more damage the United States than good.

Snowden said America has “more to lose than any other nation on Earth” when it comes to cyber warfare. Snowden pointed out that the technical sector is the backbone of the America economy he said that any attempts to control or censor would backfire and cyber attacks could bring America to its knees.

He said, “defending ourselves from internet-based attacks, internet-originated attacks, is much, much more important than our ability to launch attacks against similar targets in foreign countries, because when it comes to the internet, when it comes to our technical economy.

“If an adversary didn’t target our power plants but they did target the core routers, the backbones that tie our internet connections together, entire parts of the United States could be cut off. That would have a tremendous impact on us as a society and it would have a policy backlash.” 

the centcom twitter and youtube accounts were hacked and isis took responsibility for the cyber attack © Twitter

The Centcom Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked and ISIS took responsibility for the cyber attack.

Snowden said that more efforts should be put into building up cyber defences and the implementation of secure networks should be a priority, he said “Every time we walk on to the field of battle and the field of battle is the internet, it doesn’t matter if we shoot our opponents a hundred times and hit every time. As long as they’ve hit us once, we’ve lost, because we’re so much more reliant on those systems.

“Because of that, we need to be focusing more on creating a more secure, more reliable, more robust, and more trusted internet, not one that’s weaker, not one that relies on this systemic model of exploiting every vulnerability, every threat out there.”

You can imagine the damage one successful hack could do, look at the recent Sony hacks and the hacking of the Centcom Twitter and Youtube accounts where the names and address of military official were leaked online. A case could be argued that the recent hacking attacks have had no really impact and that they may have been staged to allow greater cyber security measure to be implemented.

Anonymous released a statement saying that the source of the Centcom hack that ISIS claimed they were responsible for was actually in Maryland, where the NSA is based. Could it have been a false flag cyber attack? Either way in a digital age you could bring down an entire governments infrastructure remotely. Perhaps Snowden is onto something.