White Nationalist Threatens Families of CNN Staffers

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Drama loving troll, white supremacist provocateur and hacker, Andrew Auernheimer, aka “weev,” has issued a open threat to all CNN staffers in a post on The Daily Stormer. Citing an Internet rumor spread by Trump trolls — and none other than Donald “Fake News” Trump Jr — Aurenheimer hypocritically cried foul when a story from the recently acquired “K File” team, published by CNN, contained a thinly-veiled threat to out the racist Trump fanboy behind the Trump wrestling GIF.

Much of the post makes reference to an Internet rumor that the creator was a 15 year-old. A rumor DTJ was happy to repeat:

Side note:

Donald Trump Jr, who clearly has his pulse on the white supremacist beat, should probably consider sitting this one out considering that he doxxed an innocent woman on Twitter in March of last year.

Among his “demands” from CNN, in addition to the “public firing” of the “K File” team, are a $50k college scholarship and assurances that “his family will never be harmed by your organization.” This is all rather ironic coming from Auernheimer who doxxed game developer Kethy Sierra (which he now denies) as part of the #GamerGate harassment campaigns that gave rise to the likes of Mike Cernovich, who is posting on a white supremacist website that posted a list of regular folks who should be harassed into suicide because of their support for Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what Aurenheimer threatens if his demands are not met:

If you do not do this, we are going to be tracking you down just like you tracked him down.

You are fake news, and we are the real media. As journalists, we have the right to track people down and seek comment on your criminal associations. We now have jackboots on the ground in every major metro area in the world.

We are going to track down your parents.
We are going to track down your siblings.
We are going to track down your spouses.
We are going to track down your children. Because hey, that’s what you guys get to do, right? We’re going to see how you like it when our reporters are hunting down your children.

We are going to seek comment from them all, because you are fake news terrorists engaged in a seditious plot to undermine our President and the 63 million people who voted for him. HanAssholeSolo was a private citizen, but none of you are. We are going to see you brought to account for this, because that’s what real media does: expose criminals.

Any CNN employee that does not want to be tracked down alongside their families will have one additional week to quit CNN and denounce their act of blackmail against a private citizen. After that, it is game on.

Do you understand what is coming? This is going to be ironic punishment. You are going to have the exact thing done to you that you’ve been doing to us for ages. You have an easy chance to stop this, so don’t say that we don’t play fair, and don’t pretend you didn’t have it coming.

We didn’t make these rules – you did – and now we’re going to force you to play by them. Hope you enjoy what is coming, you filthy rat k–e [OP’s edit] bastards.

Kill yourselves, k–e [OP’s edit] news fakers. You deserve every single bit of what you are about to get.

While I don’t buy Kaczynski’s lame misinterpretation excuse and I believe that he should lose his job, threatening the families of thousands of CNN staffers with visits by “jackboots” has, in my opinion, crossed a line into criminal behavior.

The doxxing of CNN personalities began hours ago with personal phone numbers and addresses posted to 8chan and 4chan. This is perhaps the most glaring hypocrisy of this entire s#show. Doxxing people to shut them up is the what these people do. They’re no heroes. They’re no defenders of privacy or anonymity on the Internet. I can’t imagine a more absurd claim to moral high ground.

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