What’s New in Civic Tech: Cybersecurity Expert Calls for Creation of ‘Cyber Peace Corps’ (Zack Quaintance /Gov’t News: Headlines)

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Citing an inability at all levels of governments across the world to
defend against cyberattacks, a cybersecurity expert is calling for the
U.S. Congress to expand the mandates of the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps to
include a cyber peace corps, a new global service group to address an
evolving threat.

Scott Shackelford, the cybersecurity program chair at Indiana University,
called for the creation of the group in a post online, citing the
increasingly diverse public entities that hackers have begun to target,
including North Dakota’s state government, the postal service in the
Ukraine, and a hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shackelford suggested that
lawmakers could address the shared-global problem by amending the Edward
M. Kennedy Serve America Act to include the new group with a
cybersecurity imperative. …