What is app wrapping? One way to more secure mobile apps

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App wrapping — the process of applying security policies to a mobile application such as email or a custom-built business app — can help protect corporate data without changing an app’s looks or functionality.

Once the technology is in place, app wrappers enable administrators to set policies that allow employees with corporate-owned or personal mobile devices to safely download an app, typically from an internal store.

As more companies deploy an over-arching enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy, ensuring that sensitive corporate data isn’t compromised by employees’  mobile apps is paramount, because apps are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals as a window into backend systems.

Today, about 44% of mid-size to large businesses have rolled out EMM software, according to a survey of 500 IT users by market researcher IDC. Of those businesses, about 60% have deployed some level of mobile application management and its app-wrapping technology subset, the survey showed.