Vevo Confirms Breach Via LinkedIn Phishing Attack

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Music video company Vevo has just confirmed it was breached by a phishing attack on LinkedIn, with 3.12TB of data leaked by the OurMine hacker group.

Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO at Bromium highlighting that while users remain the last line of defence, attacks like this will continue to occur.

Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO at Bromium: 

“Unfortunately this is yet another example of an organisation relying on the weakest link, its users, to protect against cyber threats. Hackers will always manage to hook a user on the line with a phishing attack, especially as these scams are becoming very well targeted and very well disguised. In this case, the breach seemed to have targeted employees via LinkedIn, perhaps disguised as InMail from a supposed business partner. We have seen that despite investment in education, these breaches will continue to occur as long as the end user remains the last real line of defence.”