Trend Micro is Proud to Sponsor G33kW33k!

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It started as a small idea. Get a bunch of good people together, away from the pressures of their offices, and see if they could address some of the issues operational security teams have to deal with. Better monitoring tools; better analysis tools; new ways to generate threat indicators and feeds.

That first year was mostly made up of Canadian government folks, and our location was a spare office space. It was basically a skunk works project to see if such an idea could be successful. And boy was it ever. There were around 30 attendees, with six tools, techniques or feed sources created – some of which are still in use today (including one of my own I am happy to add!).

Building on the success of that first year, there have been three more GeekWeeks. The second year added more private sector participants. And when word got out of the fun that was being had, year three had to expand much further to include our international colleagues as well. Everyone wanted to join in!

It is now Year 4, and we are expecting almost 150 participants. Trend Micro is thrilled to support this great community initiative – expanding our role this year to become the lead sponsor. For Trend Micro, this sponsorship is a natural fit due to our footprint in the country. Our Ottawa office serves as a global center of excellence for hybrid cloud security, protecting more than 7,000 Canadian business customers.

For Canadians, hosting this event locally has additional benefits due to the local impact of the current cyber threat landscape. Major data breaches and global ransomware attacks have knocked on our door, and being the home of GeekWeek brings the collaboration and innovation we need to mitigate the risks facing Canadians, and the world.

Our company is a large advocate of doing community good, a charge led by our CEO, Eva Chen, herself. As a global company with 50 offices around the world, we understand that it takes a village to address cybercrime. Cybercrime, like all forms of crime, is not going away – it takes all of us to tackle it.  So bringing like-minded professionals in from around the world with a variety of viewpoints and perspectives is exactly what is needed from time to time to produce fresh ideas through collaboration. The fact that this mission of G33kW33k is a fundamental corporate model of Trend Micro as well, means we are very happy to support this initiative again this year.

GeekWeek IV is a nine (9) consecutive days event, starting Thursday October 19th 2017 and ending Friday October 27th 2017, hosted by Public Safety’s Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) and Carleton University. Previous editions of GeekWeek welcomed more than 100 participants from Canada and six other countries representing no fewer than 60 companies in varying sectors.  GeekWeek also includes GeekTalent, a student track that allows students the opportunity to learn from cyber security professionals and contributing to the training of the next generation of cyber security experts.