Threat Intelligence Market Size & Analysis – Forecasts To 2025

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Threat Intelligence Market Segmentation: 
By Solution (Log Management, IAM, SVM, SIEM, Risk Management, and Incident Forensics); By Service (Professional, Managed); By Deployment Mode (Cloud and On-Premise); By Organizational Site (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises and Large Enterprises); By Application (Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunications, and Others); By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa); End-use Landscape; Vendor Landscape and Competitive Landscape
Threat Intelligence Market Insights
Threat Intelligence seeks understanding of cyber threats detections, analysis and predictive remediation. It is a cyber-security discipline that provides an effective and reliable threat detective alleviation based on security events. It includes security intelligence feed, reduces potential damage, manages business risk, and improves organization’s entire security system.
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and exploits zero-day threats and other sophisticated attacks can be minimised using threat intelligence system in the organization. The major force driving the market is the fast-paced adoption of threat intelligence solution, insider attacks, among other platforms.
The cyber criminals across the globe are increasing their attack threats on sectors such as BFSI, healthcare, government, and others. This has led to the increase in security awareness hence increasing the demand for threat intelligence solutions in the forecast period.
Threat Intelligence Market
Threat Intelligence Market: Solution Insights
The growth of this segment is due to the effective security standards for authorization and authentication of users depending on the level of access. Identity and access management (IAM) forms a vital role in managing and accessing applications by employees with support to the security system.
Incident forensics is expected to grow over the forecast period owing to the capacity of tracing security incidents step-by-step. It delivers the root cause of the breach and gives a clear picture of the security event which improves the security system of the organization with actionable strategy. It forms the initial line of defense strengthening the global threat intelligence market.
Threat Intelligence Market: Service Insights
Managed service segment is expected to grow over the forecast period owing to its solid intelligence foundation, monitoring, redemption visibility and control an organization security. It works on information gathered data from business environment and threat landscape dynamics.
Data is fed into the systems which are analyzed to find significant events which can be notified to the customer. Security posture is tuned by the security service provider for enhanced protection to aid the security intelligence service of the market.
Threat Intelligence Market: Deployment Insights
Based on deployment, the threat intelligence market is segmented into Cloud and On-Premises. Threat intelligence system is mainly deployed to manage and deliver solutions for advanced persistent threats, and other attacks on network security infrastructure.
Threat Intelligence Market: Organizational Site Insights
Based on the Organizational site, the threat intelligence market is divided into Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises and Large Enterprises. Threat intelligence market is anticipated to be equally effective for both the segments.
Threat Intelligence Market: Application Insights
Internal breaches have raised the expenditure on threat intelligence systems. The frequency of banking sector threats and attacks has demanded a stronger security posture in the recent years. Strong growth is expected in the BFSI sector owing to these threats and security breaches.
Threat intelligence in health care sector is expecting a growth over the forecast period. Cyber-attacks are very common in this sector such as advance persistent threats and spear phishing. Cyber security professionals have a huge scope in this sector due to the breach in security is high in these institutions.
Threat Intelligence Market: Regional Insights
In the forecast period, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region. Large and several SMEs have invested in the security systems owing to the growing cyber-attacks causing major data theft issues in these regions such as China, Japan, and India. The growth is further driven by the demand of the mobile and web applications, government regulations and law.
New information security standards are enforced by European government and legislation in order to be secure. Currently, to promote social and economic prosperity, the Federal Government is making a substantial contribution to secure cyber space and maintain security systems in the region.
The Middle East and Africa are expecting growth in this sector in the forecast period. Government efforts to maintain cyber security capabilities of the nation are the main reasons for this growth. Digital technology has made the region a range of cyber threat demanding an increase in the national security system.
Threat Intelligence Market
Threat Intelligence Market: Competitive Insights
Global threat intelligence market is headed by IBM Corporation. The company offers a cloud-based threat intelligence platform, IBM X-Force Exchange, allows an organization or agency to consume, share and act on malicious activity. The company eliminates the traditional approaches of defense strategy or technology and in turn, provides integrated and intelligent security immune system.
Major players in the threat intelligence market include Symantec Corporation (US), Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (US), Juniper Networks, Inc. (US), IBM Corporation (US), Dell Technologies, Inc. (US), McAfee LLC (US), Trend Micro Incorporated (Japan), FireEye, Inc. (USOptiv Security, Inc. (US), Webroot, Inc. (US), Farsight Security, Inc. (US), F-Secure Corporation (Europe), AlienVault, Inc. (US), and Splunk, Inc. (US).

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