The best ways to save on your M1 bill

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We’ve all done it: gone over our monthly data limit, busted our budget for mobile, scrambled to find free Wi-Fi while overseas because we don’t have data roaming.

There are easier ways to save on your mobile bill. Here are some of the best and worst ones.

Worst: Turn off mobile data

Worried about using too much data and getting an extra-large bill at the end of the month? You can turn off mobile data to avoid using any — and that’ll help to keep you off data-guzzling apps like social media and videos. But then, you also won’t be able to get messages from apps that depend on data, and that can keep you out of touch.

Best: Get up to 24GB of free data per month

M1 users can sign up for the Citi M1 Card and get up to 24GB of additional free data per month if they’re new Citi Cardholders. Existing Citi Cardholders can get up to 12GB of additional free data per month for the first 12 months — so you can keep that mobile data on and surf to your heart’s delight. This is applicable for customers who sign up for Citi M1 Card from 12th May 2017 onwards.

Worst: Haggle with the helpline every month

Think you’re overpaying for your monthly plans? Why not call up the helpline and haggle for a discount? It probably won’t happen, but you can sharpen your negotiating skills.

Best: Save up to 10% off your monthly bills with a single card

Pay using the Citi M1 Card and get a discount on your M1 bill! You only need to accumulate a minimum of $600 on retail spending to enjoy 10% savings on your monthly recurring bills. No haggling needed.

Worst: Scramble for free Wi-Fi

The worst things about not having data while in a foreign land are being lost and out of touch, which is why so many of us scramble to find free Wi-Fi. But even if you can somehow connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, there’s a lot to worry about, least of all spotty connections and slow speeds. Public Wi-Fi is notorious for man-in-the-middle style attacks, where malicious agents can steal the data that you’re transmitting in the clear.

Best: Get great deals on data roaming

M1 offers one of the best value-for-money data roaming deals with Data Passport. For fees as low as S$10, you can use your existing data plan overseas, which is a great deal if you travel frequently. Citi M1 Card holders can save even more, with free activation fees for Data Passport. So not only will you be able to surf on the go, you’ll save the hassle of having to find public Wi-Fi.

Sign up for the Citi M1 Card to save on your M1 bill. Click here to sign up now!

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