Techs ask for Stuxnet-Duqu-Flame code, say that is opensource !!

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Duqu Framework

Techs from CrySyS an information security blog says that the latest series of state sponsored cyber attack malware uses open source libraries.

The malware uses a number of libraries to perform number of activities associated with its purpose like compress files, connect to remote servers, store information in  databases.

Based on the information collected from these malware like Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame the guys at crysys have reported few libraries which are supposedly used in their codes.

modified LZO for .zdata: LZO and the LZO algorithms and implementations are distributed under the terms if the GNU General Public License (GPL).


putty – MIT license
libbz2 – BSD-style license
zlib – very permissive license
SQLite – public domain
Lua – MIT license

On a lighter note, they say since the malware uses open-source code they should give the codes of these malware too !!

source : crysys

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