Billions of mobile, desktop and IoT devices potentially exposed to BlueBorne Attack

Billions of mobile, desktop and IoT devices that use Bluetooth may be exposed to a new remote attack, even without any user interaction and pairing. The unique condition for BlueBorne attacks is that targeted devices must have Bluetooth enabled. The new attack technique, dubbed BlueBorne, was devised by experts with Armis Labs.

BlueBorne: Critical Bluetooth Attack Puts Billions of Devices at Risk of Hacking

If you are using a Bluetooth enabled device, be it a smartphone, laptop, smart TV or any other IoT device, you are at risk of malware attacks that can carry out remotely to take over your device even without requiring any interaction from your side. Security researchers have just discovered total 8….

Security flaws put billions of Bluetooth phones, devices at risk

It’s thought to be the most widescale set of vulnerabilities based on the number of devices affected, hitting Windows desktops, Android devices, older iPhones and iPads, and smart devices.

Billions of Devices Potentially Exposed to New Bluetooth Attack

Billions of Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices that use Bluetooth may be exposed to a new attack that can be carried out remotely without any user interaction, researchers warned. read more

Next US Elections: Open Source vs. Commercial Software?

San Francisco could become the first U.S. city to adopt open source software to run its voting machines. City officials last month authorized consulting group Slalom to prepare a report on the benefits and challenges involved in using an open source voting machine platform.

Evolving Threat from Botnets, IoT Zombies

Make no mistake: This will be an ongoing tale as threats and detection and mitigation solutions continuously change.

Beware of Windows/MacOS/Linux Virus Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

If you came across any Facebook message with a video link sent by anyone, even your friend — just don’t click on it. Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have spotted an ongoing cross-platform campaign on Facebook Messenger, where users receive a video link that redirects them to a fake website, luring them to install malicious software.

Cyber Security: Incident Responder

Original Article Here It’s often thought that after acquiring expensive and famous IT security certifications, you can be an Incident Responder right away. Even when someone has graduated with the highest honor, and a medal as big as a Viking’s plate, from the top 10 IT security universities in the….

Hacker Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Spreading Linux Malware

A Russian man accused of infecting tens of thousands of computer servers worldwide to generate millions in fraudulent payments has been imprisoned for 46 months (nearly four years) in a United States’ federal prison. 41-year-old Maxim Senakh, of Velikii Novgorod, was arrested by Finnish police in….

Weak Docker security could lead to magnified vulnerabilities due to efficiency of containers

Unsecured instances of Docker can lead to potentially large vulnerabilities inside the data center. Here’s what you need to know right now.