Tackling Cybersecurity In The Digital Age

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Cyber security is a major concern for the IT ecosystem as a whole as we are walking towards a digitally-driven world where technology plays a crucial role. With the development of Cloud as a tool to store big data, enterprises are meeting the IT infrastructure needs at a faster pace. Artificial intelligence has become a prominent part of our lives and yes, it’s around us every time, everywhere!

The world is walking faster than ever before. In order to match the pace, we have to adopt the technological changes in order to drive the business growth in every sector of the industry. As an attempt to break the conventional chain, IT security firms are moving beyond traditional security software to help customers protect against a wider range of security threats, which is the need of the hour.

Data is the most important asset for each and every industry and keeping that in safe custody is at the top of priority list for the organisations. Storing the data at an unsafe platform can lead to disastrous results if the confidential information can be accessed by any wrong person. It can even pave the way for a situation of crisis for any such organisation and eventually it becomes quite a tough challenge to deal with the same.

IT industry key players understand the requirements of the industry and looking forward to keeping a track of cyber-crime related issues that the industry has been facing so far! There is a need to explore the technological advancement of the IT sector while dealing with the financial frauds and hackers who are trying to inhibit the growth of the developing sector.

Strong cyber security architecture at the national level is something that could bring phenomenal impact on the entire policy framework ruling the industries. National Cyber Security Policy which was unveiled in the year of 2013, marked the legal policy framework for the very first time to ensure a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, business and government. India’s cyberspace has built-in threats but there also exist a huge section of skilled professionals in the IT sector who entertain the power to change the present scenario.

At present, everything is going digital, and steady growth of e-commerce sector itself asserts that internet has created a bridge to link the marketplace and customers while diminishing the geographical gap. However, with the use of digital currencies for making transactions online, it becomes important to develop best infrastructure at base level to monitor and enable seamless transactions without any fear of theft to digital form of currencies such as Bitcoin. Internet of Things (IoT), Business Intelligence and Big Data have immense potential to raise the standards of Indian economy by facilitating business expansion to the global markets.

Installing an anti-virus software and firewall is not sufficient to achieve the desired goals of cyber security. We have to direct our actions even beyond that. Cyber awareness is necessary and security infrastructure of organizations should be monitored constantly to counter the security risks associated with the internet exposure. IT ecosystem should create an integrated platform to discuss, develop and implement the necessary framework that has to be in place for a safe, secure and rewarding future of Indian economy.