‘Splatoon 2’ is already a treasure trove of dank meme art

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What’s that saying about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish? 

Yeah, well… Nintendo taught gamers how fun it could be to draw pictures in the Wii U’s Miiverse social platform. Now, in Splatoon 2 — which includes a similar doodle feature — many of those same players are running with the art tools in new, hilarious, and occasionally alarming ways.

There’s no preamble that can do this bizarre lineup of amateur art proper justice. Some pieces will delight you, others will offend you. Just about all of them will make you nod in approval, because holy crap how is this level of detail even possible??

I could legit keep going forever. There are so many good ones. Go explore and see for yourself.

You might think some of the more detailed ones are just the work of superhuman art wizards, but there’s a good chance the ones that replicate popular internet JPGs are in fact automated recreations.

The process, which Kotaku explains here, uses a custom piece of software and a homebrew Switch hack that fools the console into thinking a custom device is actually one of Hori’s Pokken Tournament Pro Pad controllers.

If you can get your hands on everything you’d need to set this up, converting, say, a JPG into pixel art recognizable in Splatoon 2 takes about an hour. It works sort of like a virtual version of one of those old dot matrix printers.

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It’s no simple task, of course. But that’s why Splatoon‘s subreddit is such a treat. All the eye candy with none of the setup headaches.

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