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Reliance Jio files a police complaint acknowledging system breach: Report

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Although Reliance Jio denied any breach in an official statement, the police report suggests otherwise.


Reliance Jio recently fell victim to one of the largest data breach attacks in the Indian telecom sector. The company has now filed a police complaint acknowledging the attack, a recent report suggests. The attack led to data of over 135 million Reliance Jio subscribers – including name, contact details, email ID, and also Aadhaar number in some cases. 

A recent Reuters report suggests that the police report was filed in Navi Mumbai, where Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd is headquartered. Details of the report are scarce though it is known that the report was surrounding the recent breach. Reliance Jio claimed that there was ‘unlawful access to its systems,’  as quoted by a police offer working on the case. This is the first time Reliance Jio has admitted to its services actually being hacked, as the company had refused all previous such allegations.

It was on July 9 that the news of Reliance Jio website being hacked first surfaced. Twitter users stumbled upon a site called Magicapk which claimed to show all data linked to a Reliance Jio account by just entering the mobile number. Though it at times required multiple tries, the data did show up. While many claimed the site also revealed the Aadhaar numbers, most users could not see the Aadhaar data, though all other details were highlighted. ALSO READ: Reliance JioFiber Preview Plan leaks ahead of official launch, free 100GB data at 100mbps for 3 months

In a statement issued soon after the news started circulating, Reliance Jio denied any breach in its systems and maintained that the data online was ‘unauthentic’. Something that visitors to the site could verify was false. Soon after, the website was pulled down and was not accessible. Reliance Jio continued to remain silent post the entire event and this is the first time the company has taken any step post the massive data breach it faced.

A couple of days back, the police apprehended a man in Rajasthan for alleged involvement in the hack. The Maharashtra investigation team was able to identify the suspect based on the location from where the data breach was first initiated. The man’s mobile, laptop and other electronic devices have been seized for a thorough investigation and it will be only after the tests that the police will be able to determine his exact involvement and understand how the breach was carried out.

Reliance Jio became the fastest telecom service provider in India to amass 100 million subscriber base. Constantly offering lowest rates and competitive data pricing, Reliance Jio has managed to be one of the most used networks in the country. The hack affected the data of millions of Indians signed on to the Reliance Jio network. Though Aadhaar details were not visible online, there is no knowing whether hackers have access to the data and what the repercussions could be.