Regina #Police Service #site subject to #occasional #hacking #attempts

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The Regina Police Service is not immune to attempts to hack its website, similar to what happened to the RPS’s Prince Albert counterpart.

On Wednesday, the Prince Albert Police Service’s site temporarily displayed a pro-ISIS message after an apparent hack by a group that has claimed responsibility for a variety of other online attacks.

Prince Albert police removed the message that morning and went to work on restoring the site. A police spokesman said the site’s content is entirely public, meaning there was no information or privacy breach.

The Regina Police Service site is itself subject to attempted hacks fairly regularly, with police spokesman Les Parker — who works on the website — noting it happens “probably at least once a month.”

“Of course, they’re not successful, but it’s something that’s attempted and it’s usually done from out of the country, so a lot of times I don’t think we’re targeted specifically for who we are, but it’s just the nature of hosting a website,” he said. “There’s random attacks that happen.”

Chief Evan Bray acknowledged hacking is “a general concern for us at all times, not just with our website but all of our databases.”

“We have a lot of sensitive and important information that we maintain, so a lot of work goes into the security of databases and of our website,” he said. “We know we have had attacks before, however because of the different types of stop-checks that we have to ensure that that doesn’t happen, we’ve been able to prevent any sort of a problem with our website. But it’s something in this day and age that you’re not surprised to hear.”

Bray said the RPS hasn’t made any changes based on the Prince Albert situation, but added “we do currently spend a lot of time ensuring the security of our website.”

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Regina #Police Service #site subject to #occasional #hacking #attempts