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It seems like there are more and more ways to compromise individuals through modern-day hacking methods. One of the most popular new trends hackers are using is to steal access to a user’s webcam and spy on the user for potentially ransom-worthy footage.

If the camera on your computer has been compromised, hackers may have an open window into your life and you may never know. So how do you know if hackers have infiltrated your device?

With Who Stalks My Cam, users can constantly monitor your webcam activity. The easy-to-use security application alerts users as soon as software attempts to access their camera.

Get notified of every access

For example, when a threat is detected, the app can kill the background process attempting to access your camera or disable the webcam entirely. You can also set actions like these to happen concurrently so that if the first action fails to stop the threat, Who Stalks My Cam can trigger the second action to disable the webcam. This is great, because some malicious applications may seem to be closed, even when they are still recording your every move.

Finally, just as other similar applications, such as OverSight, for Mac, Who Stalks My Cam allows users to whitelist applications that they may use often, like Skype.

Click here or in the link below to download this useful security application.

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