One of the Internet’s Gatekeepers Is Eyeing Sneaky Cryptocurrency Miners

Websites are hijacking computers to mine digital coins. Cloudflare, an internet security company founded in 2010, has quickly become an integral part of how many websites operate. As one of the largest purveyors of protection against denial-of-service attacks, Now, the company is setting its sights….

EXCLUSIVE: Frontline in the fight against cyber terrorism

‘Places where our physical and virtual worlds converge will be potential cyber terrorist attack zones. As such the Internet of Things is providing the perfect attack vectors for cyber terrorists, where civilian and government infrastructure is increasingly computerised’ What is cyber terrorism, and….

BT, Interpol collaborate to fight cyber crime

BT has signed a data sharing agreement with the International Police Organisation (Interpol) in an effort to combat the growing incidence of cyber crime across the globe. The global ICT services and solutions firm says it is the first telecommunications provider to sign a data exchange agreement with Interpol.

Living securely in a digital world

This year has been unprecedented for cyber-attacks. The past several months have seen the news full of reports about cyber-criminals, malware and data breaches. The theft of data or holding it for ransom has proven a compelling topic, writes Mark Weir, Regional Director UK and Ireland, Fortinet , a firewall and secure wi-fi product company.

Hackers use organizations’ resources for stealthy cryptocurrency mining

Hackers lusting after cryptocurrency but not wanting to spend money to buy it or mine it are targeting users wallets, computers, popular Web sites and public cloud computing environments. Mining software/malware is a well known pest, and instances of employees using their company’s or organization’s….

Ontology.dll Trojan Error – What Is It and Should You Remove It

This article aims to explain what is the ontology.dll malware error and explain how to check if it’s malicious and how to remove it. If you are running a computer with an Nvidia GPU, chances are that your antivirus software has detected the process Ontology.dll as a Trojan horse. The Ontology.