OOPS!!! AI used by Amazon to design phone cases goes HILARIOUSLY wrong!!!

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When Artificial Intelligence goes wrong, the consequences could become dire. Except in this case, where they are absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

An AI system that Amazon used to pick & format graphics for cell phone cases made some horrible, but funny choices. The AI was supposed to choose images based on popular web search results. Somehow, things went awry and the AI started choosing medical related pictures. Being that the system was completely self operated, it not only manufactured the phone cases, but also listed them for sale on Amazon!!!

The error was promptly noticed, and the items made unavailable, but not before some funny screen grabs got out!!!

Here’s the linkto the original article posted by IFL Science, along with an excerpt fom the article and a couple of pics…

An Amazon AI bot that was created to design smartphone cases has gone delightfully and hilariously wrong. The Amazon bot is supposed to generate phone cases based on popular image searches, but unfortunately the bot seems to have gone awry and is now designing some bizarre phone cases, largely of a medical nature.

As a result, the phone cases from My-Handy-Design are pretty ridiculous. Some of our favorites include “cheese wheel on bady” and “adult diaper worn by old man with a crutch”. The photos would perhaps be useful in articles about cheese wheels or as adverts for adult diapers, but they don’t look so great on an iPhone 6.

. -source: IFLScience

Information sourced from IFLScience!