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A global cyber security facility in North Sydney that will see the creation of more than 170 jobs over the next five years has been secured by the NSW Government.

The facility is being run by telecommunications company BT, with Jobs for NSW investing $1.67 million into cybersecurity research and development.

“This facility is a major boost for our economy and will be a real-time nerve centre protecting large enterprises, industries, governments and even nations from cyber attack,” said Minister for Innovation Matt Kean.

“BT will also make a $2 million investment in capital infrastructure, and a further multimillion-dollar investment to employ cybersecurity specialists.”

The facility will employ a range of highly qualified cybersecurity specialists, and it is hoped that the operation will help keep Australia’s best cybersecurity talent in NSW, as well as nurture the next generation of specialists.

“I’m confident job opportunities offered by BT will also act as an incentive for Australian citizens currently working overseas to come back home and bring their highly valuable skills with them,” said Kean.

The areas of expertise in the new facility include cybersecurity, machine learning, data science analytics and visualisation, big data engineering, cloud computing, data networking and the full life cycle of software engineering.

BT will also bring its newly created role of Chief Global Engineer for Cyber Product Development to the facility.

BT Security CEO Mark Hughes said this is an exciting opportunity to tap into local cybersecurity talent, and by doing so address a major skills shortage.

“Never before has cybersecurity been more important and we see potential for growth not only in NSW and Australia, but further afield,” said Hughes.

“This facility will be a cornerstone of our global cybersecurity capabilities and help us stay ahead in this fast-moving space.”

Image courtesy of the NSW Department of Industry.

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