Now’s your chance to own a vintage FBI surveillance van

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The universe doesn’t often present us with the opportunity to own a vintage FBI van. But now, thanks to an eBay listing out of North Carolina, your chance has come.

Ginter Senfeldas of North Carolina is selling the 1989 Dodge Ram 350 he says he purchased from a government auction website, reports local affiliate WNCN. Initially purchased as a work vehicle, Senfeldas was surprised to find that the van features all the elements of a stakeout car.

This Dodge Ram is outfitted with everything you’d need to pretend you’re an agent on the job, including TV monitors, surveillance equipment, handcuffs, binoculars, and, naturally, a toilet. (The law doesn’t take bathroom breaks.)

The vehicle also reportedly includes small microphones hidden throughout the body of the van. 

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Senfeldas is selling the van on eBay, and the auction closes Monday. With just a few hours to go, bids have surpassed $16,000. 

Have $17k to blow? Great! Just don’t do anything weird, ok?

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