New infosec products of the week​: October 20, 2017

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Ransomware protection intercepts threats targeting enterprise data

FileCloud announced FileCloud Breach Intercept, which offers ransomware protection. FileCloud offers branding and customization tools, allowing you to set your own policies, and design your own emails and alerts. Customized emails and UX reduce spoofing risk as hackers can’t run a mass spoofing unless they have an exact copy of an email from one of your employees.

new infosec products october 2017

Nfusion 2 provides stronger misattribution environments for online investigation

Ntrepid announced a re-architected version of Nfusion, the company’s fully-managed VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) designed for secure, non-attributable online research. Nfusion looks, feels and operates like a normal desktop and browsing experience, but it allows these researchers to perform stealthy operations and engage online without being identified by their targets or revealing their mission activities or intentions.

new infosec products october 2017

Samsung introduces ARTIK secure IoT modules and security services

Samsung announced ARTIK secure “s” systems-on-modules and services for the ARTIK IoT Platform to strengthen edge security. The IoT platform delivers device-to-cloud security for companies to build, develop and manage secure, interoperable, and intelligent IoT products and services for everything from smart homes to high-tech factories. In addition, Samsung announced that the ARTIK IoT platform will fully integrate with the SmartThings Cloud — Samsung’s new unified IoT platform. This will enable interoperability with both Samsung and third-party IoT devices and IoT cloud services.

new infosec products october 2017

Scythe launches Crossbow cybersecurity validation platform

Crossbow is a security assessment platform that enables organizations to validate their defenses without the need for training or a complex setup. Security operators can use its capabilities to validate the risk posture and exposure of businesses and their employees as well as the performance of security teams and the solutions they use. It offers the ability to setup, customize, and run adversarial campaigns in a matter of minutes and receive granular reporting about an organization’s production environment and degree of compromise.

new infosec products october 2017

Optiv’s approach helps enterprises satisfy all cybersecurity GDPR requirements

Optiv Security announced a programmatic approach that distills the complex General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and enables companies to meet all cyber security-related requirements of the regulation. As part of its approach, Optiv offers a suite of solutions and services that help companies minimize their breach risk for GDPR compliance while leveraging their existing security investments.

new infosec products october 2017

Barracuda introduces Active DDoS Prevention

Barracuda introduced Active DDoS Prevention (ADP), a cloud-based service built from the ground up to integrate with the Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF), providing end-to-end application security and DDoS prevention. There are no additional resources required to start, and because volumetric DDoS attacks are filtered out in the Barracuda Cloud, organizations don’t have to deploy any additional equipment or upgrade their infrastructure in any way for DDoS protection.

new infosec products october 2017

Aqua Security delivers production-ready security for Windows container applications

The Aqua Container Security Platform (CSP) delivers single-pane-of-glass security for containerized applications regardless of orchestration, cloud or virtualization environments. In addition to Linux-based containers, it now features production-ready security for Windows Containers-based applications, which are already being used in production by Aqua customers.

new infosec products october 2017