New endpoint protection platform guards against nation state attacks

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Endpoint security company Endgame is launching its latest platform that measures its effectiveness not just against malware but against nation-state level attacks.

It has worked with MITRE Corporation to validate protections against MITRE’s ATT&CK Matrix, a framework for adversarial tactics and techniques that enterprises encounter daily.

Using this approach provides a far more realistic understanding of protection against targeted attacks compared to other testing regimens. The results illustrate Endgame’s ability to detect and protect against nation-state level attackers before data theft or damage.

“The industry must redefine the scope of endpoint protection to ensure their technologies are truly effective against modern attacks,” says Jamie Butler, CTO at Endgame. “We were honored to work with MITRE to measure the efficacy of our platform against nation-state level tactics and techniques. At Endgame, we’re committed to holding ourselves to the highest standard of protection, which means going beyond malware-based testing regimens to include post-exploitation techniques. I encourage other security vendors to expand their measurement criteria to include the MITRE’s ATT&CK Matrix to clearly demonstrate the true value of protections for customers.”

To measure Endgame’s performance against more malicious attack types, MITRE mimicked the tactics used by APT3 (a prolific Chinese APT [Advanced Persistent Threat] group) to determine Endgame’s coverage of the ATT&CK Matrix. Endgame successfully stopped APT3 in the emulation exercise before any data theft or damage would have occurred.

You can find out more about the Endgame platform on the company’s website.

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New endpoint protection platform guards against nation state attacks