More than 250 cases reported in one month at the new Cyber Cell

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More than 250 cases reported in one month at the new Cyber CellNEW DELHI: There were eyebrows raised by the cynics when a full-fledged single-window cyber cell was set up in the city little over a month ago. But, almost 40 days down the line, the scenario has completely changed. With more than 250 cases of cyber crime reported in these many days, it is the city youngsters who are heaving a sigh of relief as they share their social media woes with the friendly cyber cops.

A few months ago, things were different when Nagpurians had to go to the nearby police stations to register all the complaints, where the cops weren’t exactly equipped to handle the problems of the millennials. A young social activist Shabaaz Khan shares, “Almost eight months ago, the website of our NGO was hacked and we had duly registered the complaint too at the police station. But nothing happened. Even the cops there didn’t really understand the seriousness of the problem, so we just gave up all hopes of getting the website restored and made a new website. But now with the response that new cyber cell is getting, gives me confidence to reach out to the cops there.”

Keeping the needs of the younger generation in mind, the cops at the cyber cell have been sensitised to handle the people who walk in with their complaints with extra care. Head of the cell and ACP cyber crime, Ashwini Patil, says, “We ensure that when people walk in to lodge their cyber complaints we treat them like friends. That comfort level gives them confidence that their problems will be heard. That is the reason we have had more than 250 cases reported in the past one month, which is a big number. We get two kinds of cases, one is the ATM/credit/debit card fraud related cases and the second is the cases related to cyber bullying or blackmail. It is mostly youngsters who report the latter. We have the latest technology (software and hardware) at our state-of-the-art cyber lab and that makes it easier for us to help people.”

The ACP emphasises that youngsters today need to be more careful because they spend long hours on the Net. “Watching porn websites can also land people in trouble as they are major sources of virus. Youngsters must avoid clicking on links and pop-ups from the dubious sources. And my friendly advice to the youngsters is — please inculcate real friendships along with the virtual ones to create a balance in your life,” says she.

There are many youngsters who have taken this advice quite seriously. A law student, Kajal Gupta, shares, “I’m extremely cautious on social media. I have opted for a privacy option so that only those people whom I know and recognise can get access to my accounts. I would rather be safe than suffer.”