Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone: Research, Analysis Key to Deter Military Network Breaches

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Paul Nakasone

Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, head of the Cyber Command, has said he believes cybersecurity analysis and research efforts can help the U.S. military thwart potential network attacks.

Cybercom currently works with the U.S. Army and other service branches to establish 133 cyber teams that will be tasked with helping defend military networks against cyber threats, the Army said Monday.

Nakasone told audience during a panel discussion at the 2017 Defense One Summit that the Army plans to recruit 60 second lieutenants for the Cyber Command to serve as mid-grade officers.

The Army Cyber Command also posted an interactive link on its website and YouTube channel in an effort to encourage hackers to participate in a puzzle challenge.

“We wanted to create an excitement (and) an ability for our best talent in the nation to take a look and want to be part of our force,” Nakasone said.

“We are going to need coders, we’re going to need malware forensics analysts.”