JS/CoinMiner Malware – How to Remove Fully (October 2017)

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This article aims to show you how you can remove the JS/CoinMiner malware completely from your computer and how you can protect your computer against future infections as well.

A new JavaScript miner malware has appeared, infecting computers via websites that have it embedded on it, detected as JS/CoinMiner. The malware utilizes the CPU and GPU of your computer in order to mine for cryptocurrencies, like Monero and BitCoin at your expense. If you have come across the JS/CoinMiner threat, we recommend you to immediately scan you computer for other malware as well and remove any viruses, that may be redirecting you to websites causing JS/CoinMiner infections.

Threat Summary

Name JS/CoinMiner
Type JavaScript Miner Malware
Short Description When this mlaware infects your computer, it may begin to use your central processor and video card’s resources in order to mine for the cryptocurrencies BitCoin or Monero.
Symptoms No symptoms besides your CPU and GPU becoming overheated, as this malware tries to stay undetectable for longer periods of time.
Distribution Method Via compromised websites or sites that embedded it.
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How Did I Get JS/CoinMiner Malware on My PC

The JS/CoinMiner cyber-threat is spread via more than one method. It is a JavaScript type of attack which means that it is a piece of code, utilized to download the malware on your computer via such script and automatically execute it. Such JavaScript code is usually embedded on suspicious and malicious websites, like torrent sites or other unconfirmed websites that aim to make profit at your CPU and GPU’s expense. Such sites have so far confirmed to come in the hundreds, including ThePirateBay, the world’s largest torrent tracker. So bottom line is, if you want to stay protected from JS/CoinMiner, you should install an advanced anti-malware software which unlike traditional protection programs uses a protection shield that is in real time against low-level threats, like JS/CoinMiner and can stop them before they have infected your PC.

JS/CoinMiner – More Information

Once your computer has been infected with JS/CoinMiner, the virus may drop an executable file somewhere on your computer. This file may be located in the following malicious Windows folders:

  • %AppData%
  • %Local%
  • %LocalLow%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Temp%

After the malicious file is dropped on your computer, the malware may also begin to execute various different types of commands to run the file automatically as an administrator. The malicious executable of JS/CoinMiner may also become fileless after it has been ran once on your PC and mine while you are online. The primary symptom of noticing this malware Is if your CPU or GPU usage(or both) is highly elevated without you using anything actively on your computer system.

Furthermore, since JS/CoinMiner is the type of malware that is intrusive, it may also obtain information about your computer, such as:

  • Any BitCoin wallets installed on it.
  • Passwords and registration accounts.
  • System information.
  • Network information.
  • Take screenshots./span>
  • Log keystrokes./span>

Although this is not confirmed, the malware may have embedded in it’s script, instructions that may help it to self-update and remain hidden for longer periods of time on your computer system.

Remove JS/CoinMiner Malware from Your Computer

Similar to Coinhive JS miner , this infection should be isolated before actually removing it, since it may be more complicated than it seems. Since having to manually look for the threat may take time, we have created simple instructions down below which show you in few simple steps how to isolate the JS/CoinMiner
Malware and remove it automatically from your computer. Malware researchers and cyber-sec experts often advise to perform a scan with an advanced anti-malware software to discover other malware, besides JS/CoinMiner on your computer and remove all malicious objects effectively as well as protect your PC against future malware as well.

Manually delete JS/CoinMiner from Windows and your browser

Note! Substantial notification about the JS/CoinMiner threat: Manual removal of JS/CoinMiner requires interference with system files and registries. Thus, it can cause damage to your PC. Even if your computer skills are not at a professional level, don’t worry. You can do the removal yourself just in 5 minutes, using a malware removal tool.

1. Remove or Uninstall JS/CoinMiner in Windows

2. Remove JS/CoinMiner from Your Browser and Your Registry Editor

Automatically remove JS/CoinMiner by downloading an advanced anti-malware program

1. Remove JS/CoinMiner with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool and back up your data

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