Iran espionage capabilities have a powerful bite

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CSO – Does Iran’s espionage threat have teeth or are they a toothless entity?

We hear a good deal about Iran and their espionage and cyberespionage escapades. We also hear, perhaps more frequently, how Iran is also designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. Looking more at the former, without ignoring the latter, let’s see what we need to worry about.

On 11 May 2017, the Director National Intelligence (DNI), Daniel Coats presented to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) the annual Worldwide National Threat Assessment. Iran was identified, by the DNI as being included in those from whom “The United States will face a complex global foreign intelligence threat environment in 2017.” Iran distrusts the US and their intelligence services view the US as a primary threat.

In April 2017, the “OILRIG” hacker group, is suspected of a cyberespionage operation against Israeli entities. According to the Israeli Cyber Defense Authority, Iran was the sponsor of these attacks.