Internet Society Extends Its Significant Financial Support Commitment to the IETF



According to an announcement on Monday, the Internet Society has agreed to extend its existing financial commitment to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for an additional term of six years.

“The commitment of up to US $71,400,000 over the next six years provides a truly transformative opportunity for the IETF, for which we are immensely grateful,” says IETF’s Board Chair, Jason Livingood. “Organizational sponsors, meeting hosts, and participation fees will of course continue to remain significant components of the IETF’s overall financial support.” Livingood added: “Reflecting as well on the ongoing COVID pandemic, it seems clear that the Internet has proven to be an invaluable global resource. That is significantly due to the design and architecture of the Internet, but also on the consensus-based open Internet standards from IETF that provides a foundation for interoperability and information exchange. This initiative will help ensure a continued vibrant future for the network on which we all depend so heavily.”

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