In wake of cyber attacks, city cops undergo training

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In wake of cyber attacks, city cops undergo trainingCHENNAI: Spurred by the latest cyber attacks, the Chennai Police department has been hiringcyber security experts to train their personnel on basic cyber hygiene and security threats. For the last several days, police have been sitting through workshops to learn about threats.

City-based CyberSecurityWorks (CSW) and InfySEC are among the cyber security professionals who are training over 150 policemen in multiple sessions. From keeping their personal devices secure to managing system and email security, they are being taken through various aspects of cyber security. “We are taking them through the vulnerabilities of the data that a hacker can get access to. Aspects such as protecting their systems at home and office from cyber threats are being covered. Since a large majority of cyberattacks are a result of human negligence, it is imperative for them to know what they should and shouldn’t do,“ said Satish Kumar Balakrishnan, cyber researcher, CSW .

Digital poses greater challenges for cops in their work.With several cyber crimes being reported on a daily basis, many on social media platforms, they need training on dealing with such matters, too.

“We are training them on how to react before, during and after a cyberattack. How to record the attack, how to collect the evidence -these are critical aspects they need to know,“ added Balakrishnan.

While the police department has been training policemen for several months now, the latest WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks have served as a wake-up call. “We are slowly graduating from paper to digital in the police department. While we have a separate application to facilitate automation, this is the age where everything is connected to the internet. If there is a se curity threat, it will affect our day-to-day functioning. The training is to ensure that all officers are aware of basic cyber hygiene habits,“ said a senior police official.

The department is also partnering with IIT, Madras for workshops on cyber awareness,for which atleast eight batches are underway . “We have invested nearly `5-10 crore towards technology in one year. This includes capacity building, equipments and devices and roping in of experts,“ the official added.