HP makes Web OS open-source, mobile OS wars gets dirtier

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Web OS

HP‘s CEO Mig Whitman has announced HP would make the Web OS opensource. HP acquired Web OS with its Palm acquisition  for  1.2 Billion last year. HP’s short lived CEO Leo Apotheker had decided to ditch the company’s Web OS along with it’s Mobile division , His successor Whitman decided to review her company’s decision and announced the decision to make Web OS available to the open-source community. Whitman has said, though Web OS would be made open-source it would not let be fragmented like Android.

The fate of this decision are at the hands of the manufactures who should adopt it and the hands of the developers who should be willing to develop apps for this platform else it would meet the same end as Symbian (remember Nokia’s made the Symbian open-source, but it did not have a great future).


Mobile OS wars is getting dirtier day by day with main contenders being Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and the upcoming Windows 8.  It would be interesting to see the impact Web OS would create in this crowded ecosystem.

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