How to Stop Cyber-Bullying With Mobile Parental Control App

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The widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has dramatically increased the cyber-bullying occurrence. Around 75% of teens in the United States have access to mobile phone and internet and half of them have reported experiencing cyber-bullying. Among the online threats, cyberbullying is the most common and probably the most dangerous one. The online-bullying victims may deal with depression, anxiety, fear and lack of self-esteem. In extreme cases, they are more likely to develop suicidal thoughts.

Many cyber-bullying child victims do not inform their parents about what they are facing online because they fear of losing their phones and internet access. The digital monitoring enables parents to keep track of the online activities performed by their children. There are parental control apps that allow parents to monitor the mobile phone, computer and internet use of their children. It helps parents know if their kid is being bullied or bully and provide needed support. Read on to know how a mobile parental control app helps to protect teens from cyber-bullying.

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying or online-bullying is the use of mobile phone, social media, emails, chat-rooms, blogs and other online platforms to consistently harass, offend, threaten or making fun of someone. The electronic bullying has more horrible consequences than traditional face-to-face bullying because the anonymity prompts bully to be harsher.

How Mobile Parental Control App Prevents Cyber-Bullying

Installing the parental control app on the mobile phone of your children enables you to monitor the entire data stored on their phones including their messages, contacts, internet browsing history and emails. The app automatically accesses this information and uploads to an online account from where the parents can see the data and send a command to the target phone to perform certain functions.

Monitor Messages

The parental control app allows parents to keep an eye on the messages sent and received by their children including the text messages, voice messages and multimedia messages. The conversations made through the instant messengers can also be monitored through the mobile phone tracking app. You can see the message content, time, and phone number of the message sending or receiving party. If your kid is receiving threatening messages from the above-mentioned sources, you could see those messages and get the detail of the oppressor.  The information will enable you to provide support to your kid against the bully.

Track Calls

The call recording feature of the Android parental control app lets you record all the phone calls received and made from your children’s phone. The app automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls and uploads those calls to the online account which enables you to remotely listen to those calls and getting contact detail of the caller/recipient. Moreover, the app lets you block the calls made to harass your kid.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is the prime facilitator of cyber-bullying letting the bullies approach adolescents and post discouraging comments on their posts and humiliating them on a mass level. The mobile surveillance app allows parents to monitor social media activities of their kids. They can read the online chats and see social media posts as well as the comments, likes and sharing of these posts. If the bully is consistently making teasing comments on your kid’s social media posts or sending harassing messages, you will be aware of it and could help your kid combat the bullying.

Email Tracking

You can read all the emails received and sent by your kids from Gmail and can see the email addresses of the email senders and receivers. You can also use keystrokes to closely watch out the email and online accounts of your kids if you are suspicious of any wrongdoing.

The Bottom Line

Educate your kids about the online dangers including the cyber-bullying. Let them know that the only purpose of a cyber-bully is to tease and emotionally disturb the victim and the best way to deal with them is not to pay attention to what they say or do. However, if they consistently do the same, block their access to you. Block them from your social media accounts; put their phone number in the blacklist and block all the ways they can access you. But more importantly, inform your parents so they can deal with the matter in a more rational way.