HBO Hack Leaks Future Game Of Thrones Script

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US cable channel HBO has suffered a hack which lead to the company having its upcoming programming stolen, reportedly including a script to an upcoming episode of Game of Thrones. 

Reuters reported that HBO has declined to comment on the specific programming stolen in the attack, though it did send out a message to its employees that has also been shared with the press. 

“As most of you have probably heard by now, there has been a cyber incident directed at the company which has resulted in some stolen proprietary information, including some of our programming,” wrote HBO chairman Richard Plepler. 

Beyond the Firewall 

The Wall GoTLittle information is being revealed by HBO or its parent company Time-Warner, this is likely due to its ongoing investigation into the hack attack and the desire to attempt to keep its leaked programming out of the public eye as much as possible. 

“We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cyber security firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold,” HBO said in a statement. 

Some 1.5 terabytes of data was reportedly stolen and has been posted online, potentially spoiling upcoming episodes of Ballers, Room 104 and Game of Thrones. 

An anonymous email was circulated to some media outlets that appears to be from the hacker or hackers behind the HBO cyber attack. 

“Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. What’s its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones……!!!!!! You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling,” it said. 

Such hacks are not overly uncommon given hackers are keen to get their hands on information pertaining to popular TV shows, movies and games. 

Game of Thrones for instance is one of the most highly pirated TV series of all time. 

The hack is likely to be one of the higher profile cyber attacks of this year, though it is up against stiff competition from the likes of WannaCry

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