Halloween cyber security tricks to avoid being hacked

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When it comes to cybersecurity, there are very few treats to be enjoyed.

Even the good guys need to use tricks to avoid the nasty plans of hackers and criminals sometimes.

1. Suspicious attachments – the beast from within

Still the most popular tool for hackers to break into your computer, email is a constant source of potential problems. A malware infected email attachment allows the bad guys to take over your computer and steal your information.

Always treat email attachments with suspicion and never open a file sent by someone you don’t know. If you have any concerns at all about the attachment, delete it – and keep the monsters away from your computer.

2. Dodgy links – the gateway to Hell

Links from unknown sources can open the door to all kinds of horrors. Sometimes hackers will embed links to dodgy files and websites in email messages, or on social media websites.

You should never click a link from an unknown source – instead, type it directly into the address bar to avoid being tricked.

3. SSL – keeping the monsters out

The Internet is constantly monitored by ghosts and ghouls, waiting to grab your most sensitive information – like credit card numbers and passwords. Grabbing that information may be easier than you expect too.

Always check for the padlock icon in the address bar when shopping online. No padlock, no shopping.

4. Anti-malware – your cyber shotgun

Effective defence against malware and hackers means taking steps to properly protect yourself. In the same way that a shotgun will stop a zombie in its tracks, anti-malware like Panda Security will halt attacks by hackers.

Always ensure that your computers and mobile devices are fully patched, and that all available security updates have been installed. You must then boost your defences with anti-malware to detect, block and eradicate malware before it can take over your computer.

5. Brains – use them, don’t eat them

When combined with anti malware, the most effective defence against any ghosts or monsters is common sense – using your brain to defeat the brainless. In many cases, basic hacking attacks can be defeated by paying close attention to what you are doing.

Does an email look slightly odd? Delete it. Is there something unusual about the website you’re using? Shut your browser down and try again. Not sure about the link you’ve been sent? Retype the address manually.

If something looks wrong – low quality pictures, spelling mistakes, unusual website address – it probably is. If you avoid these risks, you’ll avoid the bad guys waiting to steal your data.

Get started today.

Download Panda Free Antivirus, and defeat the evil gremlins who could turn your Halloween into a nightmare.

Halloween cyber security tricks to avoid being hacked