Hackers #threaten to release #‘proof’ about #British royals’ #plastic surgery

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A hacker group known as “The Dark Overlord” has reportedly swiped loads of sensitive data from a London-based plastic surgeon to the stars — including patient records and photos — which they are threatening to release.

“There are some royal families in here,” the cyber thieves claimed in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“We have TBs [terabytes] of this s–t. Databases, names, everything,” they said. “We’re going to pitch it all up for everyone to nab. The entire patient list with corresponding photos. The world has never seen a medical dump of a plastic surgeon to such degree.”

Speaking through a representative, the hackers described how they recently infiltrated the computer servers of London Bridge Plastic Surgery, which describes itself online as “one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the UK.”

Local stars reportedly flock to the facility to get their work done, such as Chloe Sims and Katie Price. Dark Overload claims several royals have gone under the knife, as well.

“We can confirm that the Clinic has been the victim of a cyber attack,” LBPS told the Daily Beast in a statement.

“We took measures to block the attack immediately in order to protect patient information and we informed the Metropolitan Police who launched an investigation,” they said. “Regrettably, following investigations by our IT experts and the police, we believe that our security was breached and that data has been stolen. We are still working to establish exactly what data has been compromised.”

To prove that they had stolen the info, the Dark Overload hackers sent highly-graphic photos to the Daily Beast — showing before-and-after pictures of patients, some containing nudity.

“This blokes balls were nicked mate!” the group’s rep said, adding, “How about some actual real vaginas.”

The Metropolitan Police are reportedly investigating the cyber breach. They have yet to make any arrests.

Dark Overload has made headlines in the past for swiping data from schools, medical centers and even Netflix.
The group tried to extort money from the streaming giant earlier this year — the group’s MO — after claiming to have stolen the fifth season of “Orange Is The New Black.”

“We are horrified that they have now targeted our patients,” LBPS concluded in their statement.

“Security and patient confidentiality has always been of the utmost importance to us,” they said. “We invest in market-leading technology to keep our data secure and our systems are updated daily. We are deeply saddened that our security has been breached. We are profoundly sorry for any distress this data breach may cause our patients and our team are available around the clock to speak to anyone who has any concerns.”

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Hackers #threaten to release #‘proof’ about #British royals’ #plastic surgery