GMV in Europe’s cybersecurity shop-window

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Cybersecurity is nowadays considered to be a top-priority matter by the European Commission. Not only does it feature as one of the pillars of the EU’s R&D framework programs but it has also been systematically taken up by community policies and member states.

And the truth is that cybersecurity is now a critical factor in guaranteeing Europe’s digital transformation, a sine qua non of technological progress. Unless our society manages to build up a strong sector with our own technology we are bound to be exposed to increasingly complex and impactful cyberattacks.

GMV at Europe’s cybersecurity event par excellence (Infosecurity)

Infosecurity Europe 2017 has now been held with the aim of bringing together experts and sharing information on the latest technological breakthroughs for combating the threats currently hovering over organizations all over the world. This event, considered to be number one in Europe, turned London into the epicenter of international security. No cybersecurity professional could afford not to be there, so a sector-benchmark firm like GMV could hardly miss it either. “This is Europe’s cybersecurity event par excellence and serves as a showcase to the rest of the world. The market’s top suppliers jump at this chance to present in society their most groundbreaking services and products” comments Javier Osuna, Head of the Consultancy, Security and Processes Division of GMV Secure e-Solutions.

GMV’s experts displayed the company’s eyecatching range of cybersecurity products and services, such as gestvulchecker ATM Securityatalaya and arkano. It also unveiled other solutions like FARO Security, a platform that represents a huge stride forward in today’s company security management.

The event attracted 240 speakers, 360 exhibitors, and a total turnout of about 18,000. GMV’s solutions shared the stage on an equal footing with the other most advanced cybersecurity technology on today’s market.

Video of the interview with Juan Antonio Abánades, Head of the Infrastructure Section of GMV Secure e-Solutions:

Juan Antonio Abánades, Head of the Infrastructure Section of GMV Secure e-Solutions at Infosecurity 2017