GMV collaborates with CCI to tackle Industrial Cybersecurity

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GMV collaborates with CCI to tackle Industrial Cybersecurity

Industry is being hit by just the same threats and vulnerabilities as the IT world. Pundits argue that the best way of protecting any industrial plant’s digital technology is acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity and making a firm commitment to it from the very first stages of the whole lifecycle. This means phasing in checks and measures to meet cyber-protection needs and ensure the proper working of any industrial process as well as protecting the very process itself, doing so during all production stages (design, supply, installation and commissioning).

Spain’s Industrial Cybersecurity Center (Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial: CCI), with the special participation of Técnicas Reunidas, has just published the document Cybersecurity in a Industrial Automation Project Lifecycle, in which GMV’s Javier Zubieta, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager of GMV Secure e-Solutions, has helped to draw up the contents. This guide, written in English, has the overriding aim of contributing towards the crucial task of improving the protection of automated industrial infrastructure.

The growing development of Industry 4.0-enabling technologies opens up more attack vectors, which now need to be tackled to ensure safe operation. “This publication will help to fill the legal loophole of cybersecurity management in industrial control and automation systems,” points out Javier Zubieta.

The truth is that industrial cybersecurity has come under increasing threats in recent months with the growth of different forms of cybercrime and cyberterrorism. This is a crucial problem that calls for the adoption of measures to ensure that information distribution and transference procedures are carried out securely.