Get your content on this site


I frequently get requests from people referencing articles they have written and correlating them with articles on my site combined with a request to either contribute new content to my site or for me to put their article here on

I get enough of these requests to warrant writing this post.

This site works with automated tools which trawl the Internet for fresh content related to certain specific topics like Hacktivism, Economic Cyber Threats or Cybercrime. None of the content on this site (except for this page and others signed off by me) is written, endorsed or published manually. If my algorithms find content that matches the criteria I have specified then it will be posted. If you have a site which has regular content which is really good and is not blogvertising, I could put a feed to your site from this one (please include the RSS or atom feed link). It will show under the “Security Blogs” section and be polled at your specified interval.

There are two things which I generally refuse to have on this site:

  1. Advertising – I don’t publish content to make money. I only publish relevant content, so please don’t offer me money to post your content
  2. Manual Posting – I just don’t have time or energy to submit individual manual posts. Besides that, within a few hours, any post which has been manually posted will no longer be on the first page due to the other relevant content which is automatically posted.

The most regular requests I get are to post articles about VPNs, Bitcoin and Startups. I get about 5 of these requests per day. If you’ve sent me content related to one of these topics, it’s likely that that’s why you’re reading this page.