Fujitsu Safeguards Against Cyber attacks with Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

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Intended to safeguard companies from cyber attacks that could have a catastrophic effect on business continuity, Fujitsu announces the availability of its Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) service in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) region. The service ensures that customers can properly defend themselves against cyber attacks, which have the potential to put a company out of business.

Cyber security has become one of the leading boardroom issues. A targeted cyber attack can cause chaos for an organisation, if data is corrupted, deleted, or encrypted with ransomware by hackers who demand a fee to provide the unlock code. In fact, according to a recent report1 by global insurer Lloyds of London, attacks on computer operating systems run by a large number of businesses around the world could cause losses of $28.7 billion in terms of their financial, economic and insurance impact.

Fujitsu is addressing this growing concern with its CTI service, which takes a predictive view to provide the earliest possible warning for relevant new IT security threats, focused on enabling business continuity through threat mitigation. The service offers clear, predictive indicators of potential damage to business from new cyber threats, as well as simple and effective security recommendations. Fujitsu security experts are also on hand to help organisations take proactive countermeasures to minimise their risk of being breached, such as providing 24×7 customer systems monitoring. With its CTI service, Fujitsu aims to ensure that organisations can continue to function even when under cyber attack.

Fujitsu’s managed security services are already protecting thousands of businesses around the world, with follow-the-sun, intelligence-led security operations that secure data and technology platforms. Fujitsu’s Cyber Security solutions combine deep knowledge in system monitoring with best-in-class software and tools from strategic partners to provide the new Fujitsu CTI service. Now available to customers in the EMEIA region as a 24/7 managed service to provide heightened awareness of current and new threats, and with fast, rich and detailed reporting, the CTI service provides the inside track related to new attacks and vulnerabilities that organisations need to be aware of in order to withstand cyber attacks.

Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence provides more targeted insight than traditional managed security services

With a human intelligence-led approach, Fujitsu’s CTI service provides more targeted insight than traditional, purely technology-driven approaches to managed security services. Fujitsu’s Cyber Threat Intelligence teams perform thorough, ongoing monitoring and assessment of the threat landscape, bringing together threat intelligence data from a broad range of sources – including customers’ own, and from sources such as strategic technology partners, market-leading third-party tools and intelligence forums – for in-depth threat and risk analyses. This combined intelligence is used to help determine the severity of evolving cyber threats, with customers being advised on their individual risk levels, and offered recommendations on how to implement counter measures and proactively mitigate threats.

A key part of the new Fujitsu CTI service is keeping customers informed of developments that may impact on their digital operations. As well as providing dashboards for customers, Fujitsu also shares findings and recommendations through ‘early warning’ threat advisories, daily digests, weekly bulletins and monthly client calls – a combination of channels intended to ensure customers are always fully aware of the threat landscape and can take the necessary actions to minimise or mitigate their risk of attack.

- Pricing and availability

Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence is now available to customers in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Pricing varies according to services, agreed service levels and country.,20171107,74979.html