FBI details Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s life in unsealed docs

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Newly-unsealed FBI documents reveal fresh details on the life of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza — including a visit to the home he shared with his mother by federal agents after he hacked into a government computer.

“The authorities told her that if her son was that smart, he could have a job with them someday,” according to one of the heavily-redacted reports released without warning Tuesday.

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Lanza, at that point in the ninth grade, landed on investigator’s radar after hacking his way into an unidentified agency’s computer. The teen made it through two levels of security before his efforts were thwarted, the documents showed.

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A DEC. 18, 2012 FILE PHOTO

A police cruiser sits in the driveway of the home of Nancy Lanza in Newtown, Conn., the Colonial-style house where she had lived with her son, Adam Lanza.

(Jason DeCrow/AP)

“Nancy had to convince the authorities that her son was just very intelligent and was challenging himself to see if he could hack (his way in),” the report said of Lanza’s mother.

The 1,500-page release further detailed how Lanza, 20, withdrew almost totally from the world in the three months before he descended on the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 innocents — 20 first-grade students and a half-dozen employees.

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Neighbors reported seeing nothing unusual in the Lanza home on Yogananda St. in the days before the rampage. But Lanza became a shut-in before he headed to the school, spending three months in his home with little, if any, connection with the outside world.

His mother was banned from entering his room and documents recounted his lack of connection to society: No friends, no associates, no girlfriend — not even any interest in social media. Lanza focused instead on Japanese techno music and video games like “Super Mario Brothers.”

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The FBI unsealed the documents without warning Tuesday.

The FBI unsealed the documents without warning Tuesday.

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The only job that Lanza ever held was at a computer repair company. And though his mother was a doting parent who provided her son with everything, Lanza killed her inside their suburban home before heading to his old grammar school.

One neighbor did tell the FBI that Nancy Lanza was a gun nut who “loved the feeling and power of a gun in her hand.”

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