Experts: Massive ‘Petya’ Attack Looks More Like State Cyber Warfare Than A Data Heist : Related Articles

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Thu Jun 29 23:04:09 EDT 2017 | Forbes


A laptop displays a message after being infected by ransomware as part of a worldwide cyberattack on June 27, 2017 in Geldrop. (Credit: ROB ENGELAAR/AFP/Getty Images) Following Tuesday’s worldwide ‘Petya’ cyber attack, experts are questioning whether state-targeted digital disruption was the ransomware’s real goal. As The Verge reported yesterday, analysis of the aftermath from the so-called Petya ransomware has revealed that Ukraine suffered most of the damage from the attack, with close t..


A top Ukrainian police official told Reuters on Thursday that there is growing belief the attack was not designed to hold hostage important files in order to extort money out of vi..

A laptop displays a message after being infected by ransomware as part of a worldwide cyberattack on June 27, 2017 in Geldrop. (Credit: ROB ENGELAAR/AFP/Getty Images) Following Tue..

No one has claimed responsibility for a global cyberattack that disabled at least 2,000 computer systems in the U.S. and Europe Tuesday and was still spreading Wednesday morning. H..

Victims of this week’s Petya outbreak are being given one more reason to not pay up — the malware is not able to restore files. Researchers from Comae Technologies and Kaspersky L..

A new ransomware attack—a variant of malicious software known as Petya—has hit computer systems around the world in what appears to be a global cyberattack similar to WannaCry. Pet..

Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed some initial infections in the Petya ransomware attacks occurred via Ukraine-based tax accounting software firm M.E.Doc, which develops MEDoc. The fi..

Another cyber attack, called Petya, was wreaking havoc on computer systems from Ukraine to the United State, grinding business to a halt at some of the world’s largest companies. L..

A major cyberattack via a ransomware virus dubbed Petya has caused widespread disruption across the globe, affecting power grids in Ukraine to hospitals in the United States. Techn..

Qantas has been working on restoring its systems following an outage on Wednesday morning that was experienced by “multiple” airlines globally. The issue has been confirmed as one ..

First things first. If you’re running Windows. Patch your systems! The latest variant of Petya, GoldenEye, can attack if, and only if, one of your Windows PCs still hasn’t been pat..

The Petyr ransomware outbreak has certainly caused problems for some high profile organsations including an airport and a major oil company, but estimating how wide its impact has ..

Cybersecurity researchers have been racing to analyze the new ransomware that struck Tuesday, first hitting Ukraine in an avalanche of attacks before spreading to other countries a..

“It’s like WannaCry all over again,” said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer with Helsinki’s cybersecurity firm F-Secure, when discussing today’s latest outbreak of the WannaCr..

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported Friday that it seized equipment belonging to agents of Russia that was used to carry out a number of cyberattacks against Ukraine and..

A ransomware attack that has been referred to as Petya (though it is technically a different malicious attack and is being called NotPetya by security researchers) began spreading ..

A “vaccine” can protect computers aganst the crippling Petya ransomware that started making ravages globally on Tuesday, June 27, but no kill switch is available yet. Security rese..

A month after the WannaCry ransomware attack paralyzed connected systems worldwide, a new threat appears to be spreading quickly. As reports emerge, today’s attack paints a picture..

The “Petya” cyberattack that has struck computers in 65 countries can be traced to a Ukrainian company’s tax accounting software, Microsoft says. The ransomware is being called a m..

  A ransomware virus known as Petya – similar to May’s Wannacry attack – has paralysed companies, banks and airports in Europe. Girl’s ‘temporary’ black henna tattoo turns int..

This cyberattack first hit targets in Ukraine, including its central bank, main international airport and even the Chernobyl nuclear facility before quickly spreading around the gl..

In the second massive cyberattack in 44 days, both originating from malicious software developed by the US National Security Agency, personal computers in at least 65 countries wer..

A global ransomware outbreak known as Petya has government agencies and private businesses around the globe scrambling to get their systems back online and recover their data. The ..

BERLIN, June 27 German companies were also affected by a rapidly spreading ransomware attack, the federal cyber agency BSI said on Tuesday, urging firms to report any issues to aut..

It smelled like a ransomware and talked like a ransomware but, in fact, it was worse than a ransomware. Although it has been labeled as a strain of a 2016 ransomware, this year’s “..

The Petya ransomware was initially blamed for a massive outbreak across Europe and America today, though a new variant dubbed NotPetya has now been deemed the real culprit. The wor..

Janus Cybercrime Solutions, the author of Petya—the ransomware initially attributed with Tuesday’s global cyberattacks—resurfaced on Twitter late Wednesday, seemingly offering to h..

A new ransomware exploit dubbed “Petya” struck major companies and infrastructure sites this week, following last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack, which wreaked havoc on more th..

A version of the Petya ransomware made ravages worldwide, but the hackers didn’t really take any hefty profits from this whole affair. The cyberattack hit Ukraine the hardest, but ..

Researchers are still investigating the software behind the attack, warning that it’s more sophisticated than the WannaCry worm that struck hundreds of thousands of computers acros..

The latest Petya ransomware has been described to be more vicious than its predecessor, but its impact in Singapore remains largely uncertain for now as there have been no reports ..

A new wave of ransomware attacks swept the world on Tuesday, starting with Ukraine and spreading to other regions of the world. The attack was immediately compared to last month’s ..

A computer screen cyberattack warning notice reportedly holding computer files to ransom, as part of a massive international cyberattack, at an office in Kiev, Ukraine, on Tuesday…

The so-called Petya ransomware is looking like it might be as big a problem as WannaCry. Here’s what we know and how to protect your PC. Ransomware is a form of malware that locks ..

Answer by IBM Security’s Wendi Whitmore, Global Partner & Lead, IBM X-Force Incident Response & Intelligence Services (IRIS) and Steve Stone, Global Lead-Intelligence Servi..

It’s a new kind of terrorism, and it’s something we’re going to have to get used to seeing: Organizations in Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, the United Kingdom and more nations appear to..