Cybersecurity Breakthrough – The Perimeter is Shrinking – Free Webinar

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  • Cybersecurity is changing as the perimeter has disappeared and computing has become ubiquitous.
  • Targeting end users and end user computing is where cybercriminals focus because getting past end users is effective.
  • With these changes, it’s safe to ask, what is the new perimeter? We have an answer.

For years now, we’ve come to terms with the idea that there is no longer a perimeter than can be protected. In a mobile, cloud-based world with employees who want to bring their own devices to work, keeping your corporate assets secure is a never-ending battle. In fact, this article from SC Media in 2002 starts to flag the problems even back then – 15 years ago!

“If you believe that security is only as good as the weakest link, then an adequate security model must include elements that go beyond perimeter security. To create a reasonable level of assurance, any security model must consider not only the perimeter technology, but also the internal and external factors as well as people and processes.” – read more

We look at perimeter security with a fresh perspective. With end users and the endpoint serving as easy ingress for cyber criminals, we propose the application is really the perimeter and it’s something you can successful protect: Application Isolation (download our whitepaper: Securing the Modern Endpoint). It saves companies from taking on the additional expense of duplicating hardware and maintenance plus it secures the VDI farm from threats.  With Bromium we use hardware enforced virtualization to isolate the specific application the user needs to access the data buy putting that application in a micro-VM.

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Event Details: November 16 | 8am PT | 11am ET | 4pm UK  |  Register

We’ll show you how to protect intellectual property and customer data by stopping threats that attack the endpoint. You’ll find out:

  • Why detection-based solutions are failing
  • Why cybercriminals target end users (and succeed)
  • How application isolation provides true protection

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