Cyber Security Symposium Africa

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When: 16-19 July 2017

Location: Lecture Theatre 1 (LT1); Wilfred & Jules Kramer Law Building; Middle Campus; UCT

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KHIPU Networks is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship for the upcoming Cyber Security Symposium Africa, hosted by the University of Cape Town.

As the global security risk increases at a rapid rate, organisations are under constant pressure to ensure their information and assets are protected, and that the security controls they have in place can protect and prevent against cyber attacks.

KHIPU, in conjunction with its strategic partners, will be presenting the following sessions to cover key aspects of cyber security and protection.

* Simplifying Your Cyber Security Strategy – KHIPU Networks
* Preventing Zero Day Attacks and Malware – Palo Alto Networks
* DNS Security – Increased Attacks Against DNS Services. Detect, Protect and Remediate – EfficientIP

“The strongest and weakest layer of defence against phishing attacks are your users. It’s vital to understand your organisation’s risk to these cyber attacks and be able to provide the necessary awareness training and tools to limit your exposure. Using KHIPU’s simulated phishing and awareness training service, we have been able to test our security posture and identify key areas to help protect the university from future attacks,” said Sakkie Janse van Rensburg, Executive Director, Information and Communication Technology Services, University of Cape Town.

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* Cyber Security Symposium Africa:

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