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General News – Oct 19, 2017

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Address today’s cyber security challenges
There have been an increasing number of ports and maritime facilities experiencing cyber attacks- such as the Petya attack that targeted Maersk. It is clear that the need to define a strategy to secure our own, crucial segment of the global logistics supply chain from the threat has now moved to the forefront of the risk assessment and business continuity agenda.

And, as 90% of the world’s cargo transits by sea, it is without question that mitigating against attacks is critical, not just to the successful operation and prosperity of your organisation, but to the security of the economy. Others in the maritime industry are starting to recognise this and are gearing up to protect themselves against this increasing threat.

Our inaugural Cyber Security for the Maritime Sector conference, will therefore provides Europe’s premier networking and learning platform for Port Operators, Port Authorities, Maritime Authorities, Marine Terminal Companies, Oil & Gas Companies with Offshore Facilities/Terminals, that share this challenge.

How are they preparing for the worst? What response and under which circumstances, will protect our sector from cyber criminals?

Join us at conference and learn about:
THE RISKS AND SECURITY CONCERNS OF SHIP-TO-SHORE INTERFACING… and how to mitigate the risks of misunderstood, unknown, and uncoordinated remote access to an operating ship
UNIDIRECTIONAL GATEWAYS FOR MARITIME CYBERSECURITY… why firewalls and software-based solutions are no longer effective against modern threats
THE LATEST SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES FOR PROTECTING MARITIME IT INFRASTRUCTURE… by receiving comprehensive and detailed insights on current technology in the market
WHO NEEDS TO BE INVOLVED TO PROMOTE A CULTURE OF CYBER SAFETY?… how to embed a culture of cyber risk awareness and discipline into all levels of your organisation
FUTURE-PROOFING MARITIME PORTS AGAINST EMERGING CYBERPHYSICAL THREATS… what should you know about the fast-evolving cyber-physical landscape and associated security threats?
ESTABLISHING AN INITIAL CYBER RISK MITIGATION STRATEGY… how can you identify the systems, assets, data and capabilities, which if disrupted, could pose risks to the ship/port’s operational integrity and safety?

Source : ASDEvents

Published on Global Energy World: Oct 19, 2017