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Pictet, the asset and wealth management firm, has brought together ‘Security in a digital world’ in the summer 2017 issue of its online magazine.

Dr Patricia Lewis, a research director at the Chatham House think-tank in London, has called for a radical review of cyber security in space to avoid potentially catastrophic attacks. A nuclear physicist by training, she is Research Director, International Security. Read more at

She says: “They [cyber attackers] will keep on coming and we will keep on trying to defend against them, but some will get through. The priority should be to make sure that we have the resilience in the system so that when they occur it won’t matter.”

Professor Leslie John, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, speaks of contrasts in the psychology of confidentiality and disclosure; the ‘Privacy Paradox’. People say they care about privacy and oppose threats to the confidentiality of online information and private messages. But in practice, their behaviour suggests otherwise, partly because it is so difficult to put a precise figure on the material value of privacy and the damage caused by breaches.

Also featured is Yarom Ophir, the chairman of the Swiss document and digital data destruction contractor Katana; Mårten Mickos, the Chief Executive Officer of ethical hackers HackerOne, a California-based company; and Doron Bergerbest-Eilon, the former Head of the Protection and Security Division of the Israel Security Agency, who argues that attempts to defend against cyber threats have largely failed, as new ways are continually found to circumvent measures or attack infrastructure. Since focusing on defence will always fail against a determined adversary, a new cyber protection paradigm is needed, he suggests.

As for digital security as an investment opportunity, Pictet, a private banking firm, points to sharp growth in the cyber security industry. Pictet has identified 330 companies with relevant theme-related activities which have a total market capitalisation of USD3.3 trillion.

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