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Law Enforcement Agents receive training every year from other law enforcement officers and outside consultants. In our technology driven world, technology is ever-changing and therefore is the driving force of the content of this course. For this reason our course offers the most up to date information based on current cyber crime and high-tech activity.

The cases used in this course are based on crimes that include Cyber Blackmail, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Bullying, Hacking, Sextortion, Identity Theft, Cyber Fraud, Online Dating Fraud and other types of cyber crime. As the author of 10 books pertaining to protecting yourself from the cyber world, Evans has dedicated his life to ensuring consumers and businesses are knowledgeable about cyber crime.

This course has been used in training Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement such as FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, US Marshals, US Air Marshals, Homeland Security, Inspector General’s Office to just name a few.

How to Track a Cyber Criminal / Identity Thief

  • How to track an email legally without a subpoena?
  • How to Spoof emails without any special software?
  • How to track a cyber criminal via Skype?

Credit Card / Check Fraud:

  • Five ways credit card thieves steal credit card numbers and without getting caught.
  • How to clone credit card numbers in minutes?
  • Where you can browse online to buy, trade, and sell credit cards?

The Inside Man:

  • How to profile an employee of a company who is stealing information.
  • How to tell if a crime is an inside job.

Hacker for Hire Service:

  • What are the top 5 Hacker for Hire requests from consumers and businesses?
  • Who is requesting the most services?
  • What are the top 5 countries that are hiring hacker for hire services?
  • Why should Law Enforcement team up with Hacker for Hire service?

Telephone Spoofing:

  • How criminals spoof telephone numbers?
  • How criminals make untraceable telephone calls?
  • Who are all the telephone-spoofing companies and which ones are law enforcement friendly?
  • What law enforcement needs to know about issuing a subpoena to a spoofing company?

This Class Is Perfect For

  • Criminal Justice Students
  • Private Investigators
  • Law Enforcement


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Cyber Crime Training Law Enforcement – Seminar