Comodo Internet Security Pro 10 Review: It works well, but read every install screen closely

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When we previously looked at Comodo’s Internet Security Pro, the company had a habit of bundling software with its security suite—and that trend hasn’t changed with Internet Security Pro 10. Underneath the hassle of warding off extra installs, however, is a security suite that does a good job of detecting threats.

Note: This review is part of our best antivirus of 2017 roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

comodoyahoo Ian Paul/IDG

Comodo wants to change your default homepage and search engine.

When you install Internet Security Pro 10, you have to read every screen very carefully. If you don’t, the program will attempt to set your browser’s homepage and search engine to Yahoo, change your DNS provider to Comodo, set Comodo Dragon as your default browser, and import all the data from your current default browser.

Certainly, some users might like all that. Comodo Secure DNS is a popular choice among security enthusiasts who don’t want to use their ISP’s default service. Other security suites also route your DNS through their services. As for the browser, Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based browser that some users might enjoy, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with Yahoo if you ignore that whole appalling security issue.

But here’s the thing: Most people will just click through the install screens without reading them, and software companies count on that. It’s just…unseemly.  Plus, the attempt to switch your search engine and homepage makes all the other extra software look hostile. This approach is just not a good idea, even when acknowledging that companies are trying to make a buck. There has to be a better way.

As for the app itself, Comodo Internet Security Pro has some nice features. Comodo’s interface comes in three parts: the main application window, a widget that sits in the upper right corner of your desktop, and the system tray icon.

That’s a lot, but you can close the main window and get rid of the widget quite easily, leaving only the system tray icon. The widget, though, might be appreciated by some users as it has easy access to Comodo’s primary features.

comodowidget Ian Paul/IDG

Comodo Internet Security Pro’s desktop widget in Windows.

At the very top there’s a status icon telling you the state of your PC. (Before running your first scan, it’s yellow.) Below that is a counter informing you of your current bandwidth usage for both up and down streams.