Cloudera, Partners to Develop Service Built to Aid Next-Gen Cyber Hub Deployment

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Cloudera has teamed up with Arcadia Data, Centrify and StreamSets to create a new service that looks to accelerate the deployment of a next-generation cybersecurity hub.

Cloudera said Monday that its Cloudera Manager platform will help chief information security officers access the company’s cybersecurity services and associated independent software vendor capacities including analytics, ingestion and visualization.

The company noted that its cybersecurity hub will work to support anomaly detection and behavior analytics as well as offer comprehensive access to all enterprise data with the use of an app-like open platform.

Tom Reilly, Cloudera CEO, said that the company wants to make the deployment of first big data cyber use cases easier for CISOs and Cloudera will work with its partners to offer a point and click system that can launch the cybersecurity data platform.

Arcadia Data offers visualization capacities such as pre-configured application screens to help security operations centers evaluate data stored within Cloudera’s platform.