Cloud-based web browser Cocoon offers ‘military-grade encryption’

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Cocoon is built by Virtual World Computing, a company that claims to sell software based on “trust and integrity.” Cocoon started out as a browser extension for Firefox. Since then, it’s evolved into its own web browser and is now available for free. It differs from conventional web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, by coming preloaded with a complete roster of security tools. The browser has integrated protection against viruses, malware and ransomware. Since much of Cocoon runs in the cloud, the core of the browser is isolated from your machine. Even if a webpage includes malicious content, Cocoon’s servers will identify and block it before it gets downloaded to your computer. This new approach to security works seamlessly and is always-on. Cocoon’s cloud-based nature means it acts as a proxy browser. This enables many of its other features, including the ability to access region-restricted websites from anywhere in the world. When you navigate to a page from Cocoon, the site owner sees Virtual World’s servers as the client device. This adds an additional layer of protection and helps you to browse privately with reduced tracking.

Cocoon browser

Cocoon browser

Virtual World Computing

READ NEXT: EU could relax banking software rules in response to fintech rise According to Cocoon’s creator, the browser is a response to the “absolute lack” of privacy on the Internet. Discontented with the prevalence of online tracking, malware and content restriction, Virtual World set out to create Cocoon as a way of resisting the loss of control. It’s increasingly difficult for individual users to define how their data is collected and used. Simultaneously, the consequences of becoming the victim of a virus or ransomware attack are becoming more severe. “It’s crazy out there, the threats to your computer, theft of your personal data, and absolute lack of online privacy are everywhere and out of control,” said Jeff Bermant, CEO of Virtual World Computing. “The reason I’m offering Cocoon for free is that I want to help people to take back control. Our product is like a Swiss Army knife, easy to use and can do many things. Cocoon protects from hacking and malware and provides complete privacy. It has great anti-virus protection and you have unrestricted access when you take it around the world.” Cocoon’s designed to be accessible to all web users. Although many, if not all, of its features are individually available as browser add-ons or third-party software, Cocoon offers a unique all-in-one browser. It’s supposed to give you a secure and reliable gateway to the web without requiring any action on the part of the user. In this respect, it differs from other isolated browsers like the Tor Project and regular VPN providers. You can download Cocoon today on Windows, Mac and Linux devices. The free version includes almost all of Cocoon’s features, with the exception of two more advanced capabilities. The optional $2.49 monthly plan adds a built-in ad blocker and virus scanning capabilities for a further enhanced experience. A 15-day free trial is available.