Veracode survey indicates cybersecurity skills gap

Today’s formal education shows significant security skills gaps in the IT and developer professional community. According to new research from Veracode and, 76 percent of developers indicated security and secure development education is needed for today’s world of coding, but it’s missing from current curriculums.

Looking for ways to minimise fake news: WhatsApp

Popular messaging app WhatsApp today said it is exploring ways to check spread of fake news through its platform. WhatsApp software engineer Alan Kao termed the situation as “complex” because of the end-to-end encryption of messages on the platform that does not allow anyone — except the sender and the receiver — to read the messages.

Analytics, Good Identity Hygiene, Are Key To Cloud Security

As cloud computing has matured, the benefits it delivers to organisations of all sizes are undeniable. Companies are enjoying agility, scale and speed like never before. And cloud adoption shows no signs of slowing. Gartner earlier this year forecasted that the worldwide public cloud services market….

Remove Spongebob Ransomware | Updated

I wrote this article to help you remove Spongebob Ransomware. This Spongebob Ransomware removal guide works for all Windows versions. Today`s article is about an infection inspired by and named after the famous cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. According to experts, this pest mostly targets US-based….

The Pitfalls of Cyber Insurance

Original Article Here Cyber insurance is ‘promising’ but it won’t totally protect your company against hacks. Imagine an insurance market plagued by eye-popping premiums and deductibles, skimpy coverage, a lack of standards that makes “apples-to-apples” comparisons of policies nearly impossible, and….

IDG Contributor Network: A security call to arms

Today’s security landscape is as populous as it is vast. From software firms and ISPs to researchers and consultants, new entrants bring tactics, solutions and perspectives to a space in constant flux. Despite the tireless and heroic efforts of many, bad actors often seem to have the upper hand.

Cryptocurrency Miner Uses WMI and EternalBlue To Spread Filelessly

Fileless malware can be a difficult threat analyze and detect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that an increasing number of new malware threats are fileless, as threat actors use this technique to make both detection and forensic investigation more difficult. We recently found a new cryptocurrency miner (which we detect as TROJ64_COINMINER.

Blockchain: The Missing Link For IoT?

Blockchain is expected to be instrumental in digital transformation in the coming years, especially in the field of IoT. But there are technical hurdles to overcome largely because most IoT devices lack the adequate computing power to participate in blockchains directly.