AI safeguards

Does AI make you WannaCry? asks Dik Vos, CEO of management consultancy and testing services company SQS. Almost every day we see or hear about major cyber-security threats and software issues that have serious repercussions on the daily running of society.

Easy-to-Use Apps Allow Anyone to Create Android Ransomware Within Seconds

“Ransomware” threat is on the rise, and cyber criminals are making millions of dollars by victimizing as many people as they can—with WannaCry, NotPetya and LeakerLocker being the ransomware threats that made headlines recently. What’s BAD? Hacker even started selling ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)….

Gamers Asked to be More Vigilant to Avoid Being Struck by Malware

Security company; ESET has revealed that their researchers have discovered a new malware, named ‘Joao’ targeting gamers. The security company sent out a warning about Joao on the 22nd of August 2017. According to the company, the malware is spreading via computer games published on unofficial….

As Trump seeks warmer ties with Moscow, US intelligence continues the crackdown on Russian cybercriminals

Some U.S. officials acknowledged that individual agents may be more motivated to move against Russian cybercriminals following the election hacking scandal. The post As Trump seeks warmer ties with Moscow, US intelligence continues the crackdown on Russian cybercriminals appeared first on Firstpost .

Nominum and CIRA Create “Cyber-Secure Schools” Initiative to Bring Powerful Cyber …

Nominum (™, an innovator of internet security solutions and services, and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA (http://cts.

FBI Arrests Another Hacker Who Visited United States to Attend a Conference

The FBI has arrested a Chinese citizen for allegedly distributing malware used in the 2015 massive OPM breach that resulted in the theft of personal details of more than 25 Million U.S. federal employees, including 5.6 Million federal officials’ fingerprints.

Facebook Messenger users reportedly being attacked by malware-infested fake messages

If you are a Facebook Messenger user, this is important. Lately, we have heard a bunch of attacks by cyber criminals, where personal accounts, social media accounts, and even entire systems have been compromised. And it seems that the next on target are the users on Facebook Messenger.

Greece wants more money, top role for EU cyber security agency

Greece wants the European Commission to give the Athens-based EU agency ENISA more money and the leading role in managing Europe’s cyber security issues as part of a legal overhaul next month.

Should Facebook be more transparent about how it moderates hate speech and other content?

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook has been making tough calls when it comes to policing hate speech, harassment, nudity and violence online. But some digital rights groups are calling on the tech firm to share more details about how it decides what to pull down or keep up.